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Air Quality

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Air Quality
  • Provides Cleaner, Fresher Indoor air
  • Transfers Heat from Indoor Air Before it is Discharged
  • Designed to Provide Comfort in Colder Climates
  • Create a Healthier Home and Lessen Skin Irritations, Sore Throats and Respiratory Problems

  • The average person spends over 70% of their time indoors and the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation estimates that indoor air quality can be up to 110% worse than outdoor air. This poor indoor air quality often increases or irritates asthma and respiratory conditions.

    Breathe deeply. Go ahead, give it a try right now. If your air is stuffy or stale, you're not getting the most out of your home experience. Indoor air quality is something we often ignore because it's invisible, but if you're not getting that first-day-of spring freshness when you breathe, your home's air quality could be improved.

    At Aktive Air Service we install and service systems designed to keep the air in your home clean and healthy. These specially designed whole-house air cleaners and air purifiers contain filters designed to remove indoor air pollution.

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