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  • If you ask homeowners what the most important part of their home comfort system is, most will tell you it’s the furnace or air conditioner. But, connected to those fancy pieces of equipment is a network of ducts that transfer the air from your comfort system to the rooms of your home. Without them, you would never be comfortable.

    That’s why you should always choose duct experts that can maintain your ductwork or correctly install new ductwork when it’s needed. Aktive Air Service has years of experience installing, repairing, and servicing ductwork throughout Brant County. Our team of duct technicians will not only get your ductwork in place, but maintain it for years to come so you never have to worry about the comfort levels in your home again.

    If your home does not yet have any ductwork installed, you’ll need a good layout and design mockup completed. Installation in an existing home is a complex process that should take into account the placement of electrical equipment, insulation, and load bearing walls. It is highly recommended that you call a professional rather than attempt to complete installation yourself.

    A professional has high tech equipment designed to pinpoint the location of wires and insulation behind your walls and map out where the ducts can be installed with minimal intrusion.

    Commerical Building Duct & Ventilation Installation

    There are many things that make commercial duct installation different than residential work and they center on the building use and its size. For example, industrial machinery used for cutting, grinding, and sawing creates a lot of particulates in the air, which could be extremely harmful to building occupants. A simple duct system like that found in a home would never be sufficient to keep the air clean and conditioned. Our system designers and installers consider things like this when putting together the optimal commercial duct system in any building

    Clean room technology, medical offices, and computer rooms are other examples of the need for custom-designed duct systems. Our technicians look at all of your commercial building’s uses and carefully factor them into the duct system design.

    There is no “one size fits all” logic to designing commercial duct systems. You can’t simply increase its size based on the square footage of a building. There is a lot of thought and planning that must go into the process. On the other hand, it is dangerous to assume that a small duct system in a commercial building will be sufficient. In this case you’re likely to wind up with an overworked system that is prone to breakdowns. Our commercial ductwork specialists consider all of the factors in system design before making recommendations to our customers.

    A lot of planning goes into the work of commercial building duct installation. Considerations go far beyond the physical size and shape of the building. Don’t take a chance that your workers will uncomfortable and unsafe. Whether it’s time to design a new duct system or replace the current one in your commercial building, call the commercial HVAC experts at Aktive Air Service today.

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